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Fun in the Sun Math Activities for Preschoolers

Math is probably the last thing on your – and your preschooler’s – mind, it being summer and all. But, what if we told you math can be fun for your little one? Yes, we know you’ve heard that one before, but rest assured, we have math activities that will pique their interest, stimulate their brains, and get them having some fun in the process!

The benefits of math activities for preschoolers

It’s very beneficial to put your preschooler on the mental path to math before they even start kindergarten or grade school. Practicing basic math concepts in a safe environment (such as your home) helps to prepare their developing brains for the math challenges they will face at school, which helps to build their confidence and cultivates a natural interest in the subject.

The benefits of exposing your preschoolers to math activities are:

Nurtures natural interest

Makes math more interesting

Builds basic math skills

Builds confidence

By easing your preschooler into math, you’re stimulating their brain, boosting their confidence, and chasing away any anxiety or frustration they might feel when faced with more complex math problems down the road.

Check out these great math activities for preschoolers with a little summer twist!

1. Water Balloon Math-Smash

Perfect for a hot summer day, you can help your preschooler recognize numerals with a smash! Laugh along with them as they throw water balloons around, which has the added bonus of cooling everybody off in the heat of the day. The triple bonus? Those water balloons are also cleaning your sidewalk! Talk about a win-win-win ;).

2. Watermelon Pick and Count

This activity is great for developing both basic counting skills as well as your preschooler’s fine motor skills. Either create your own watermelon pick and count with construction paper and tape, or, to make it even more summery, slice up some real watermelon and bring the activity outside. Giggle along with your little one as you snack on juicy watermelon and help them learn to count the seeds!

3. Play Dough Counting Mat

Another great mix of both a math and a sensory activity, your preschooler can learn how to create number shapes as they count. This is a great confidence-building activity for your preschooler, as they learn how to physically create numbers they’ll encounter on a daily basis. This math activity works well on a warm summer day, where you and your child can both enjoy a cold drink as you count and create play dough math shapes together.

Math activities with a summer twist!

These activities will help to stimulate your preschooler’s brain, build up their confidence, and the best part? They’ll be having a blast as they do it. Not only that, but these math activities offer a chance for some quality time between you and your child, creating positive memories of math for the future.

Enjoy the season and make math fun this summer with your preschooler!

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