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Safety & Caring Policy


Safety is our number one priority. At our preschool, best practices in safety are modern and regularly updated.  First of all, we ensure our school environment and materials are of the highest quality available.  This ensures your child will be safe when he or she comes into our school.  Our main doors are locked during class time and are only unlocked for drop off and pick up times.  This prevents unwelcome guests from entering the school.  As well, students are dismissed one by one once a parent/authorized pick-up person is identified by the teacher.  Doors to our classroom have a child safety lock to ensure children cannot leave the classroom without a teacher’s knowledge.  Our classroom is equipped with an emergency exit if the need arises.

At Grey Matter Montessori, we use the best preschool furniture available, which is made with durable and non-toxic materials.  As well, wooden materials are coated with a special finish allowing them to withhold daily cleaning and preventing germs from seeping into the wood.  Disinfection and sterilization of all materials and furniture occur on a regular basis and goes above and beyond cleaning criteria laid out by Alberta Child Care Licensing and Alberta Health Services. 



Our school is committed to ensuring each child receives the highest-quality education. We are committed to ensuring each student and staff member provides a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environment to help promote the well-being of all.  As a school, we do not tolerate harassment and/or bullying of any kind and any such behaviour will result in termination from our program.   

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