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6 Tips for Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Endless eggnog, big, beautiful presents, sleeping in every day– the winter holidays are the ultimate in relaxation. But as wonderful as they are, the holidays have a way of exploding our well-oiled routines, making it a challenge to get back into the swing things. That’s especially true for our preschoolers who aren’t as well accustomed to routine!

But transitioning back to daily life doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some simple tips from the to help your child beat those back-to-school blues  – and have fun in the process!

1. Be excited for them!

Children are impressionable and so, tend to mirror our behaviours. If you’re excited, they get excited, too. So, even if you’re feeling nervous about them heading back to preschool, get excited for them. Encourage them by being positive about the school year and all the fun this brand new chapter of preschool will bring. Excitement is contagious!

2. Get enough sleep

The power of a good night's sleep is undeniable. We’re sharper, feel better and are able to absorb information more effectively. At the preschooler stage, the recommended amount of sleep is somewhere around 10 hours. But, you know your child best and probably have a good idea of how much sleep they need to be happy. So adjust bedtime accordingly to improve their mood and their ability to absorb information. And if you can, adjust your own sleep schedule to improve your mood too!

3. Talk about their day

Make sure to ask your child about their day and discuss both the good, the bad and the ugly. Celebrate the good things and chase down any anxieties they might have experienced through the day. It’s important to keep lines of communication open and safe for them to express themselves and feel heard. It will help you bond with them too!

4. Get active

Exercise is a great addition to both you and your child’s routine. Even 10 minutes a day of exercise is one of the best tools to help improve your mood, for you and your child. And, of course, it will help you stay in shape as well!  Toss a ball after school, or go for a little ‘hike’ to the park to help your little one burn off any extra energy. Showing your child how to be active from a young age will develop healthy habits for the future!

5. Stay social

Developing healthy friendships is very important for mental health. Set up a hangout with your child’s school friends to help build their relationships outside of school. Staying social is a great confidence and mental boost and will get you and your preschooler excited for the new school year. And, as a bonus, it will help you grow deeper relationships with the parents of your child’s closest friends.

6. Celebrate them!

Out of all the tips, this might be the most fun! To reward your child for getting back into a healthy routine, why not treat them to a date with you? Pick a day (or two!) per month as a ‘Celebration Day.’ Take them for a treat, let them pick out a new school item, or share some quality time together somewhere – even a little craft day at home! This will show your child that effort pays off.

Grey Matter Montessori Calgary

With a positive attitude and some extra effort, you can chase away those back-to-school blues, encourage your child to look forward to what each new year will bring, and equip them with helpful life-skills for the future!

For more tips, check out our blogs or our frequently asked questions. Or, if you’re interested in enrolling your preschooler in Calgary’s Grey Matter Montessori program, connect with us today!

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