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A Leader in Academic Excellence

Our Story

As loving mothers, the founders of Grey Matter Montessori, Shirin Rayani and Reshma Moledina, have a passion to deliver the highest quality of education to young children during their prime period of learning.

When Shirin started her own family, she came to realize just how limited the choices were regarding preschool education for her children. This personal challenge brought light to how universal her worries were and as a result she is proud to offer a higher level of learning at Grey Matter Montessori.

With over 30 years of combined experience in child education and a common drive for quality education, Shirin and Reshma now provide Calgary parents with an affordable option for excellence in care and high quality academics. 

It is due to their steadfast commitment that Grey Matter Montessori has become a leader in academic excellence, creating and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. 


Our Mission

Grey Matter Montessori is an educational center designed to provide an exclusive and comprehensive Montessori and IPC (International Preschool Curriculum) program for children aged 3-6.

Our mission is to foster an environment of growth and well-rounded development, where all students feel engaged and valued. The preschool offers unique programming such as yoga, dance, gymnastics and introductions to various professions at no extra cost, adding value to the already enriched Montessori and IPC curriculum.

In addition, we have built trusted and reliable partnerships with members of Evanston Community, a diverse community of many cultures, experiences and opportunities to optimize student learning during one of the most critical times of development.


Dedication to Safety

Concerned about both our students’ education and well-being, our preschool is fully equipped and designed to the highest safety standards, ensuring that your child is always kept happy and safe.

Our distraction free learning environment contains high quality materials which harness childrens’ natural interests and allow them to focus on their learning with maximum concentration. All of our furniture and equipment is designed with our students’ needs and safety in mind. This includes:

  • Child height shelving
  • A comfortable reading area
  • Child size toilets with low sinks
  • A large locker area which allows for ease of arrival and dismissal

At Grey Matter Montessori, we create a learning environment which is wholly nurturing and respectful of your child, striving to provide the highest quality education to bring out the very best in all of our students.

To learn more about how your child can benefit from our unique and comprehensive education system, contact our Northwest Calgary preschool today at 587-707-4739.

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