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Art Activities for Preschoolers

Make your backyard an art studio this summer with some great outdoor art activities. Not only are these a great way to enjoy these last weeks of hot weather, but they’re perfect for making memories with your preschooler before they head off to kindergarten!

The benefits of art activities for preschoolers

Beyond being a mental stimulant, art activities are great for a number of developmental attributes for your preschooler, such as:

  • Creativity & self-esteem – Playing with colours, shapes and textures encourages your preschooler to use the creative side of their brains, and completing crafts will help boost their self-esteem.
  • Fine motor skills & coordination – Working with their hands helps children practise their hand-eye coordination and develop their fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive functioning – Seeing colours, feeling textures, and smelling different materials helps to reinforce children’s processing abilities and memory.
  • Self-expression – There’s no hard and fast rules and no wrong way in art activities for preschoolers. Letting them loose with colours and crafts allows them to express themselves fully, showing them the reward in self-expression.

3 summer art activities for preschoolers

Try out these great summer-fun art activities that will get your preschooler’s brain buzzing, their creativity pumping and their giggles on full volume:

1. Utensil Painting

This is a great sensory activity. All you need is finger paint and any number of utensils! In the video, they use forks to make flowers, but feel free to use any type of utensils you – or your preschooler– wants. Take it outside to alleviate your concerns about the inevitable mess and enjoy this activity all morning long with your child!

2. Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft

This craft is perfect for young children who love birds. Start by gathering some pine cones outside, then paint peanut butter all over it making sure to fill up the crevices. Then, roll the peanut butter pine cones in a birdseed mixture and hang them in the trees, or in front of the window. All that’s left then is to wait for those chickadees to show up and brighten your and your child’s day. If they could, those birds would thank you!

*Or, if your child is allergic to peanuts, try the Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder Craft. Simply add gelatin to birdseed, then press into cookie cutter patterns for a fun bird feeder that will bring in the birds by the droves.

3. Flower Petal Suncatcher

This quick and easy suncatcher is a great afternoon project and guaranteed to put a smile on your preschooler’s face. Simply cut out a circle from a paper plate, stick on some contact paper or sticky back plastic, and then go hunt for some flowers with your child. Throw some bright petals on, hang up the suncatcher in your window, and voila! The afternoon is a wrap! Enjoy some warm drinks as you and your little one watch the evening sun glow through the suncatcher.

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