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The Benefits of Summer Preschool Day Camps In NW Calgary

The Benefits Of Summer Preschool Day Camps In Calgary !


Sending your beautiful little babies off to a summer day camp at preschool age may be considered to young, but there are actually numerous benefits to this

especially if they will be entering preschool or kindergarten in the fall.


Most people are aware of the benefit that children gain from summer camps during their school years but have you considered the benefit that your little ones would get from a summer preschool day camp in Calgary?


The four stages of growth

Attending a summer preschool camp in Calgary will give your little darling the benefit of starting early to work towards these four stages of growth,

  • Structure
  • Independence
  • Skills
  • Social

It will also allow for an easier transition into preschool or kindergarten, giving you and them the experience and preparation for separation. Everyone feels more comfortable in a situation that we have been in before and children are no different. Summer preschool gives your child, a practice run for when they attend preschool for the first time. Plus it gives you some binus time to get on top of your housework, career or look after yourself.



Going from a laid back day at home with their parents to the structure of preschool or kindergarten, can be difficult for our little ones. The summer day camp will give your child the easy transition into a more structured routine before they need to be doing it full time.


Summer preschool day camps will also introduce your children to building relationships with others and understanding rules and structures.



Up to this point you little children will have experienced most of their lives with mom or dad, this is great but this also makes that first day at school very daunting. Going off to a summer day camp builds indepence into the children that will become invaluable as they grow older. This will also build your child's self confidence. Success while at summer preschool camps reinforces the child's ability to adapt and achieve without mom or dad's guidance further enhancing your child's independence.



Summer preschool Day camps allow your little munchkins to achieve greater knowledge in specific subjects because of the deep dive style of learning at a summer camp. Grey Matter Montessori summer camp this year is geared around Soccer and Science which will allow your children to get a better understanding of both these subjects than if they we working towards many different subject matters.

It also enhances all of their focus, athletic and sensory skills at the same time. This is perfect when your children are young as they learn much easier in this fashion.


As stated before the majority of the time your children would have spent with you, up until this point. Generally we try to socialise our children with friends etc but imagine the benefit for your children of socialising with 20 children all day, choosing who they spend time with, how they interact with each other etc. This is a big step in the process to improving your child's social skills first hand and to them being able to socially integrate themselves when they do attend preschool or kindergarten.




Best of all, attending a summer preschool camp in Calgary will give your child the benefits listed above but in a fun and entertaining manor. What better way to learn than by having fun.

They get to build on their physical and mental abilities while enjoying time with their new friends, while being independent and getting used to being in a school setting before they need to be doing it everyday.


What better way for you to enjoy some more time this summer, for your children to enjoy new experiences and to get them ready for the big wide world of school than to attend summer preschool day camps.


Check out our Soccer and Science summer day camp in Calgary NW for more information and to get booked in while you can.

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Another shout out to an amazing school here in #Calgary! Our youngest son goes to this school and he loves it! In just 5 short months his knowledge has grown, his confidence is starting to bloom and he just loves learning! The personal touch the wonderful teachers provide is certainly priceless!  What I love is that when you walk in there, there is always calming music playing softly, and everyone is smiling and friendly 

Maryann Penney

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