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2019 Soccer and Science Summer Camps

We are so excited about this year’s summer camps!  Students will engage in a variety of mental and physical activities to keep them challenged and engaged all summer!

Sending your your beautiful little babies off to summer day camps at preschool age but there are actually numerous benefits to this especially if they will be attending Preschool or Kindergarten in the Fall. Check out the benefits of Summer Preschool Day camps in Calgary


The focus of this year’s summer camps is SOCCER & SCIENCE.  The first part of the morning will be spent outside learning some of the basic concepts of soccer.  Students will practice dribbling, kicking, running and scoring goals!  More importantly, students will advance their social skills and have fun doing it!


For the second part of the class, students will participate in Science projects and activities.  These activities will help students understand and learn about their world!  Hands on projects will use a variety of materials and cover a number of science concepts.


Don't let your children spend the summer pestering you to get out and do something because they are bored of being at home all day every day! 


Don't waste your limited time off just because you need to be home looking after the children! 


You could instead send them to us for action packed fun and educational days that they will return from happy little summer bunnies and ready to spend some quality time with their parents. 

Join us for a fun filled summer!



  • Fun & socialization
  • Gross motor development
  • Outdoor activities
  • Educational



3 - 6 Years Old


Duration, Timings, & Fees:

2019 Calendar

**Please Note: summer camps are open to ALL students between the ages of 3 and 6.  Students do not need to be enrolled at Grey Matter Montessori to participate and must be fully potty trained.  Save $100 for all 4 weeks.**


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