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How A Montessori Preschool Prepares Your Child For A Traditional Kindergarten Program

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How A Montessori Preschool Prepares Your Child For A Traditional Kindergarten Program

Families come into the Calgary Montessori community in a variety of ways. Some are well-versed in the Montessori philosophy and seek out preschool programs that follow the Montessori Method, others are drawn to a preschool program in their community that happens to follow a Montessori curriculum, others may investigate at the recommendation of a friend whose child attended. Regardless of how they discover Montessori preschool programs, many parents question what comes next. Do children who participate in Montessori preschool need to stay in a Montessori program for kindergarten and elementary school? What happens if they want to place their child at their community elementary school after preschool? Can children who will attend a traditional kindergarten program benefit from only one or two years in a Montessori preschool?

The Benefits Of A Montessori Preschool Education

The answer, quite simply, is yes. Any child, even those who go on to attend a more traditional education stream, can benefit from even one year in a Montessori preschool program. Here is why:

Montessori Fosters Independence
In the Montessori classroom, teachers act as guides and students are given the opportunity to set their own goals, choose learning activities, set the pace of their learning, and measure their own progress. Although the transition into a traditional learning setting may not offer the same flexibility, Montessori students have developed the skills necessary to work independently and to be responsible for their own learning.

Montessori Builds Confidence
There are several components of a Montessori education that help children become more confident. Mixed-age classrooms allow students to observe and learn from older children and in turn to model learning and good behaviour to their younger peers. This environment lends itself to the development of emotional and social maturity. Because children pursue learning at their own pace and with their own learning activities, there is an immense sense of pride and confidence that results when those outcomes are achieved. And because Montessori is child-led, confidence develops from agency and self-determination.

Montessori Introduces Core Subject Areas
The Montessori Method introduces preschool children to 5 core subject areas from the very beginning. These are:

Practical Life: Students master independence, motor skills and body control, concentration, and a sense of order by mastering everyday tasks.

Sensorial: Children learn about the world around them through exploration with their five senses. This encourages deeper understanding and comprehension.

Mathematics: Montessori students are exposed to important math principles through the use of hands-on materials designed around the decimal system.

Language: The Montessori Method is centred on activities that naturally lead to the development of important oral and written language skills.

Culture And Science: Montessori preschool students explore subjects such as art, music, geography, history, biology, and chemistry to understand all things living and non-living that make up our environment and our society.

Nurtures A Love Of Learning
By focusing on each individual child and their unique potential in a supportive and positive classroom environment, Montessori preschool programs build a foundation for educational success, prepare students for future academic and social excellence, and plant the seeds for a life-long love of learning.

Montessori Preschool Is
The Foundation Of Future Educational Success

Whether your child will continue through elementary school and beyond in a Montessori educational stream, or whether they will transition to a traditional kindergarten program or a different enhanced learning philosophy, a Montessori preschool/pre-kindergarten program is a great foundation for learning success. The hard and soft skills cultivated in a Montessori preschool classroom will prepare your child to adapt well, meet and exceed learning outcomes, find their unique place in the community of any school environment, and achieve success as they thrive through every grade.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of a Grey Matter Montessori education for your preschool or pre-kindergarten aged child, contact us to book a time for a school tour at our NW Calgary location. We are accessible just off of Symons Valley Parkway in the NW community of Evanston. Call us for more info on our early child education programming at 1-587-707-4739.


Q: Is it better for my child to stay in a Montessori program for their entire school journey?
A: We may be biased, but we believe every child can benefit from a Montessori education. However, the reality is that Montessori education is not widely available for every student from preschool to grade 12 in Calgary. And factors such as location, community, finances, and availability will influence every family’s decision about where to send their children to school. But even if a Montessori preschool program is the only exposure to the Montessori Method of child-led learning your child will have, the impact of this philosophy of education will set the groundwork for future academic and social success.

Q: Is there a checklist of things my child must know before attending preschool?
A: At Grey Matter Montessori in Calgary, we value the differences that make each child unique. If your child is aged 3-6 they may be ready to begin to explore learning and we are ready to facilitate it. Learn more about exploring your child’s readiness for preschool here

Q: What types of enhanced activities are offered at Grey Matter Montessori in Calgary?
A: Besides the amazing variety of activities that are part of the Montessori program, the children are offered a variety of extracurricular activities such as art, dance, yoga, and martial arts. Meet some of our Calgary community partners here.

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Another shout out to an amazing school here in #Calgary! Our youngest son goes to this school and he loves it! In just 5 short months his knowledge has grown, his confidence is starting to bloom and he just loves learning! The personal touch the wonderful teachers provide is certainly priceless!  What I love is that when you walk in there, there is always calming music playing softly, and everyone is smiling and friendly 

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