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Tips To Build a Strong Foundation for Early Learning

Tips To Build a Strong Foundation for Early Learning

Your baby is no longer a baby! It is exciting to watch our children grow and learn, and although we sometimes want to keep them little forever, we also celebrate every accomplishment and milestone they achieve. And all of a sudden, one day, your toddler is of preschool age and ready to begin their educational journey. Starting preschool is a big step and there are many things we, as parents, can do to help them prepare and build a strong foundation for early learning.

Grey Matter Montessori believes that no two children learn exactly the same way, which is why the Montessori program is designed to give your little one the opportunity to realize their own individual learning style and discover the joy such education can bring. Our preschool program is designed to provide an exclusive and comprehensive Montessori and International Preschool Curriculum program for children aged 3-6. 

Here are some of the ways you can help your child be ready for all of the new experiences awaiting them in preschool.

Talk It Out
Language skills begin to develop at birth; every coo and babble set the foundation for oral language development. As your child prepares for preschool you can foster language development by encouraging conversation. Ask your child open-ended questions about themself and the world around them. Describe what you are doing as you move through the day and prompt your child to do the same. Use descriptive language when you talk about nature, feelings, and experiences. Practice eye contact and active listening when your child speaks.

Play Time
Play outside, play together, and encourage your child to play alone too. Play is healthy and important and can help develop physical, social, and cognitive skills. Take turns with your child deciding what to play. Try role playing and use your imaginations to be silly, laugh, and have fun with each other. Not only will play help your child prepare for preschool, but you will create memories you will treasure forever.

Read Together
Reading everyday is an important part of your child’s language and memory development. Foster a love of reading by exploring different tales and fables, picture books, and even non-fiction-- bios of interesting people and fun facts. Read to your child, alternate “reading” the pages of a favourite book together, and encourage your child to explore books on their own. Keep books in the kitchen, in the car, in the living room, and even in the bathroom, so that a story is always close at hand. You may even start to read signs and packages to your preschooler as you move through the day. And don’t forget to talk about what you have read, encouraging your child to describe the characters or invent alternate endings to a story.

Fine Motor Skills
Encourage the development of fine motor skills in your child by completing fun crafts that involve cutting shapes, gluing, and colouring. Break out the fun dough and roll balls and ropes and cut them up with a plastic knife or poke them with a straw. Stack small blocks or coins and see how high you can tower them before they fall. Complete puzzles and sort beads or pasta shapes. Teaching your child fine motor skills will help them develop the dexterity and hand strength needed to print, draw, and tie their shoes down the road. 

Develop A Routine
The transition from being home all day with mom or dad to spending a significant chunk of time in the classroom each day can be difficult for some kids. Creating and following a routine provides structure and allows your preschooler to understand and anticipate what is expected. Help your child develop a sequence of tasks and events that will lead them up to the start of their school day. It might look like this:

  • Wake up
  • Quick cuddle with mom on the couch
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth and hair
  • Make a snack for school
  • Pack backpack
  • Put on shoes and jacket
  • Head out the door

This type of routine will help your children develop responsibility for themself and feel prepared for their school day. Children find comfort and security in structure and routine.

Tour The School
Whether your child is nervous or excited about starting school, a preschool tour is a great way to help prepare your little one for their new adventure. They will be able to meet the teacher, explore the classroom, find the washroom, and maybe even meet a new classmate.

The Montessori Method-Strong Foundations For Lifelong Learning

Preparing your child for the preschool experience is the best way to give them the tools and confidence necessary for educational success. Every child will enter preschool at their own pace, with skills and development unique to them. The Montessori Method allows our Grey Matter educators to meet each child where they are and to provide opportunities for them to learn and grow in the way that meets their individual needs. 

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of a Grey Matter Montessori education for your preschool or pre-k aged child, contact us to book a time for a school tour at our NW Calgary location. We are accessible just off of Symons Valley Parkway in the NW community of Evanston. Call 587-707-4739.


Q: Is there a checklist of things my child must know before attending preschool?
A: At Grey Matter we value the differences that make each child unique. If your child is aged 3-6 they are ready to begin to explore learning and we are ready to facilitate it. Our method seeks to educate the whole child with opportunities to learn and grow that are tailored to your child’s needs.

Q: Can we tour the school?
A: We love to meet prospective students and share our philosophies for learning with moms and dads. Contact our office at (587) 707-4739 and we can arrange a time for you to visit us in our NW location.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Grey Matter Montessori is located in NW Calgary, Alberta in the community of Evanston. Close to many amenities, we are easily accessed via Symons Valley Parkway NW.

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Another shout out to an amazing school here in #Calgary! Our youngest son goes to this school and he loves it! In just 5 short months his knowledge has grown, his confidence is starting to bloom and he just loves learning! The personal touch the wonderful teachers provide is certainly priceless!  What I love is that when you walk in there, there is always calming music playing softly, and everyone is smiling and friendly 

Maryann Penney

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