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The Most Substantial Benefits of a Private Montessori School

Is your child getting to the age when you should start thinking about their school? Want to learn more about private Montessori schools? Here are six advantages of them!

The number of options of schools to send your child to can be pretty overwhelming! There are so many choices, so many schools, and each of them with its own pros and cons! This article here will help you decide why a private Montessori school is the best one for you and your child by showcasing how our methods are scientifically-proven to enhance the livelihood of your child for decades to come!

Our Evanston-Based Montessori Preschool Caters To The Needs Of Each Student

At Grey Matter Montessori, we develop unique, individualized learning plans for each student so they can reach their full potential. We use the scientifically-proven Montessori method to develop key characteristics, including emotional intelligence, determination, cognitive function, creativity, and social skills.

Want to learn more about how we can develop a lifelong love of learning in your child? Contact us today!

6 Ways a Private Montessori School Will Benefit Your Child

1. You Will Be Involved

Compared to public, community-based schools, the degree to which most parents are involved is drastically higher in private schools. This is down to a couple of reasons

The school emphasizes ensuring that parents are fully informed about all happenings in the school and that they are always included in educational decisions for their child.
Parents who elect to send their children to private schools are typically more caring about their children's educational development, leading them to be more involved at the school.

No matter what the reasons are, you will never be left out of the loop of your child’s education at a private school.

2. Unique Programs and Curriculums

Private schools tend to provide more specialized programs that can help your child's development in several ways. Some of the types of private schools out there include:

  • Sports Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Boarding Schools
  • Language Immersion Schools
  • Waldorf Schools
  • Religious Schools
  • Montessori Schools

Our personal favourite, Montessori schools, use scientifically proven methods, materials, and lesson plans to not only advance your child's educational growth but their growth in key life skills, as well.

3. Individual Attention

One of the most uncomfortable things for a parent to feel for their child is that they are just another number in the system. At a public school, the unfortunate reality is that it is all your child is. At most private schools, especially ones designed for enhanced humanistic development such as Montessori schools, your son or daughter will receive the attention and care that they need so they can reach their full potential.

4. More Opportunities

Whether it be special field trips, semesters abroad, outside speakers, or unique classes, there are simply many more opportunities for your child at a private school. Since private schools want to showcase their benefits to the parents, one of the most significant ways they do this is through the opportunities available that are not available at public schools.

Another less visible opportunity is the credentials that come with a private school regarding post-secondary education enrollment opportunities. High-quality private schools are often looked at more favourably by recruiters and admission officers than standard public schools, meaning that your child will have a slight edge over the competition.

5. Best Of The Best Teachers

The higher salary and enhanced benefits that come with a private school are quite tantalizing for all teachers. Because of this, many private schools, including Grey Matter Montessori, employ some of the best teachers around. At a private school, you won’t be faced with the role of the dice type of odds for if you get a good or awful teacher, you can feel at ease knowing that the teacher in charge of your kid is an expert in their field and at getting the most out of each student.

6. On The Leading Edge

Due to the more excellent resources most private schools have at their disposal, more time and capital can be delegated to getting the best equipment and learning the best methods. You will never see a quality private school fall into disrepair or lag behind other schools. No matter what the newest technology, most advanced technique, or other development, Grey Matter Montessori will be on the cutting edge of it all.

See How Grey Matter Montessori is Special, Firsthand!

At our NW Calgary Preschool, our highly educated, dedicated team of professional Montessori educators are dedicated to providing you and your child with a superb private Montessori preschool experience. Our private preschool instills children with the confidence, emotional intelligence, social skills, and critical thinking abilities that will set them apart from their peers as they enter into elementary school and need to tackle new, unprecedented challenges.

If you would like to learn more about our NW Calgary private Montessori school, please contact our team by calling 587-707-4739 or fill in our online contact form below.



Do Montessori students do better?

Studies have shown that students of Montessori programs tend to achieve higher educational scores, advance on to successful careers, and live happier lives.

What is the best school for a gifted child?

Studies have shown that gifted students need to be catered to more so that the rest of the class does not hold them back. Montessori schools are excellent environments for advanced students as the curriculum is created and tailored to the individual student's needs rather than the group, meaning that each student can excel!

Can I tour Grey Matter Montessori?

Absolutely! We offer both in-person and virtual tours! Contact us today to book your in-person tour or check out our virtual tour online!

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Another shout out to an amazing school here in #Calgary! Our youngest son goes to this school and he loves it! In just 5 short months his knowledge has grown, his confidence is starting to bloom and he just loves learning! The personal touch the wonderful teachers provide is certainly priceless!  What I love is that when you walk in there, there is always calming music playing softly, and everyone is smiling and friendly 

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