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Summertime Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Get ready for some outrageous summertime science activities that will have your preschooler occupied for hours, and encourage an active, playful mind! Science experiments not only help to stimulate your child’s sensory play, but they also carry with them a host of other benefits, crucial to their development.

Benefits of science experiments for preschoolers

Science is all about discovery – about exploring and experimenting with the materials around us, it’s about opening doors to our imagination, and getting us wondering about how exactly things work. Because of this, science is key to helping children develop their critical thinking abilities as well as for cultivating a natural sense of curiosity about the world around them.

Scientific experiments help nurture your preschooler’s:

  • Curiosity
  • Senses
  • Observation
  • Critical thinking (reasoning, understanding, problem-solving)
  • Resourcefulness

Plus, science helps preschoolers learn that: patience and perseverance = reward. This builds a positive connection in their brain, giving them a good attitude towards activities that may require a bit of patience.

*To help reinforce this positive connection, be sure to prepare each experiment with the help of your child (especially in the ice science activities).

Summertime science experiments for preschoolers

Ice Creations

Excellent for a hot summer day, check out these ice activities:

  • Ice block excavation – dump water into a basin and drop in whatever toys your child wants (provided they can get wet), freeze, then get them to ‘excavate’ their toys with a number of tools you provide. This activity is great for critical thinking as it encourages kids to try different techniques to get their toy out of the ice.
  • Ice painting – Painting is always fun, but ice painting is even better! Mix together some water and paint, pour into an ice cube tray, begin to freeze, then stick them with some toothpicks or something of the like. Painting with the melting ice is a great sensory experience, and will show your preschooler what happens to ice when it hits warm air.
  • Ice boats – Cheer your preschooler on as they race cute little ice boats in your backyard! Freeze mini umbrellas or ‘sails’ inside ice cube trays (or whatever shape you want your boat to be). This activity mixes ice and moving water together, showing your preschooler how what happens when ice hits water. And it’s a blast, to boot!

Ocean Slime

Check out some basic slime science, and create some slimy good times with your kids! This is a great activity to show your preschooler how ingredients react with each other to create something ooey, gooey and fun! Make some ocean slime and throw in some ocean critter toys, seashells, and even a bit of sand to create an underwater adventure – outside!

Magic Milk

Show your preschooler the power of soap with this magic milk science activity. Pour milk into a big tray and then add some drops of food colouring. Drop or spray soap into the colour, and prepare for some big giggles as the colours shoot all about. Move this activity outside, and enjoy a cold glass of milk (or chocolate milk) as you both explode ‘galaxies’ all afternoon.

Grey Matter Montessori is all about discovery through science

At Grey Matter Montessori, we are all about encouraging our children to explore through science discoveries in our classrooms, through activities like the ones mentioned above, and more!

Check out the Montessori program, or give us a call today for any questions, or to learn about enrolling your child in Grey Matter Montessori school in Northwest Calgary this year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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