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Inspired Gifts For Your Preschooler’s Christmas List

Inspired Gifts For Your Preschooler’s Christmas List

The air is getting colder and the snow is building up, that means Christmas is on the way! For those who have young children in their life, buying Christmas gifts is a great opportunity to get something that can foster the imagination, inspire movement, and encourage the development of motor functions. When children are young, they learn through play, so gift giving for little ones is a great opportunity for enrichment and entertainment at once.

You can feel good knowing that you are giving your child a gift they will enjoy and helping them develop important skills at the same time. Here, we look at gifts for preschool aged children that are inspired by the Montessori method.

Entertaining And Educational Gift Ideas For Preschoolers

Musical instruments

No matter the age, musical instruments are a hit and they encourage children to develop their motor functions and understand rhythm. Any instrument they can bang or shake, like a drum or bells, will provide tons of musical fun.

Toy animals

Not only do children love playing with them, but they’re a good way to help them learn about animals. Often, animal figures will come in themed sets, like farm animals, ocean animals, and animals you would find on an African safari. Use the animals to engage your child in conversations about what animals do, what they eat, where they might live, and what sounds they make.

Buddha Board

These boards come with a paintbrush and you paint on the board with water. When the water dries, the painting disappears and the board is ready to use again. This gift is great because it is an eco-friendly way to paint, and it’s mess free, with no chance of paint spills or smears.

Composition Puzzles

Once a child is preschool aged, they can handle puzzles that create images. Puzzles are great for learning problem solving and perseverance, as well as developing dexterity.

Prick Work Set

Using a prick and a felt backing, the child pricks out the shape on a thin foam or paper piece. This helps develop pencil grip.

Playdough/Kinetic Sand/Clay

These tactile gifts are a great way to encourage learning through and about the senses while letting the kids use their imagination. You can make your own playdough at home, which not only saves money, but also means less waste from plastic containers.

Cutting Set

Stock up on paper, stringed beads, string, and more so your child can practice their cutting on all different textures. Safety scissors with rounded tips and adult supervision are recommended.

3 in 1 pencils or watercolour pencil crayons

These multi-use art tools are a great way to let children be creative. Both products can be used with water to make them more like paint and can help your child understand colours and colour mixing.


Even if your child isn’t reading fluently, books are always a cherished gift. Choose books about a favourite subject or character that you can read together. Look for books that have enhanced elements of interactivity like word or picture searches, or books in a series to keep the reading adventure going.

Time Together

There’s nothing better than spending time together, especially outside where the child can be active. Give the gift of togetherness with tickets to local events, or gift certificates to a climbing park, the zoo, an art class, or museums! There’s lots to do in the city that is family friendly and getting out to have some fun is really a gift for both of you.

Child Development Is Year Round

These are some of the best preschool gifts that your child will love and learn from. If you value child-led education and fostering development through your child’s own interest in learning, then you should explore the approach to preschool education at Grey Matter Montessori. If you want a top quality preschool for your child that values child education through sensory experiences, hands-on learning, and individualized learning, call Grey Matter Montessori at 1-587-707-4739. As Calgary’s choice preschool, Grey Matter uses the Montessori Method for child education to educate the whole child and foster a life-long love of learning. Take a virtual tour or visit us in person at our Calgary Preschool in Evanston NW. If you have any questions or comments, you can fill out the contact form.


Q: How do these gifts follow the principles of Montessori education?
A: All of the gifts on this list are simple and entertaining, but they also encourage motor skills, creativity, sensorial, or interest in learning. Engaging your child in these ways will help them develop skills necessary for future academic success.

Q: How do I register my child in the Montessori program
A: To register your child, please contact us to set up a time to come in. We will discuss your child’s needs and determine together if the Montessori program is the best fit for them. A school director will meet with you to review the parent handbook and calendar of activities and complete the registration process!
PLEASE REMEMBER: Bring your child’s Alberta Health Care Number as it is required for our forms.

Q: Why should I send my child to a Montessori preschool instead of a traditional preschool?
A: The Montessori program was designed to offer children opportunities to develop their full potential, keeping in mind that between the ages of 3-6 is an ideal time to create an understanding and appreciation of the importance of learning.  

We are proud to offer your child a: 

  • Wide array of subjects including math, language, science, culture, practical life and much more to create a solid foundation for future learning. 
  • Well-rounded education. We partner with community members to bring a well-rounded education to your child, including inter-generational visits to senior facilities, visits from healthcare practitioners to talk about wellness, dance/movement classes and much more .
  • Visit our community page for more information.

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