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Benefits of Montessori Preschool Vs. Traditional Day Care

IF your child is between the ages of 3- 6 you might be considering whether daycare or preschool is a better option for your child and whether the Montessori method is right for your child's preschool experience if that is what you choose to do. While both serve some of the same basic functionalities such as play, socialization, and perhaps most importantly attentive supervision and safety, there are a handful of impactful benefits to choosing a Montessori preschool rather than a traditional preschool or daycare. 

More Than Just Childcare, Early Teaching, and Development

In this blog, we are going to be talking about how Montessori preschools go so much further than child care and play- and why that is so impactful to your child's development and early learning. While there is nothing wrong with conventional daycare and it does get the job done, so to speak when we consider all the added benefits of the Montessori method it is enlightening to learn how much opportunity there is for our children to learn, to gain confidence, and build character and social skills. 

Individualized Learning At Our Evanston Montessori Preschool

At Grey Matter Montessori, we develop unique, individualized learning plans for each student so they can build social, practical and sensorial skills. We use the scientifically proven Montessori method to encourage creativity, altruism, leadership, emotional intelligence and creativity.

Curious if Grey Matter is the right Montessori Preschool for your child? Book a Tour to get to know our teachers, classes and students or Contact us today to answer any of your questions!

The Benefits of Montessori Preschool Vs. Traditional Day Care 

Preparation for Lifelong Learning with Montessori Preschool

Some parents are surprised to learn we offer preschool for children as young as 3 years old through to kindergarten ages 6-9. While you can certainly place your child in daycare at these ages, one of the key differences in the function. Whereas daycare is meant to supervise, take care of and entertain your child, Montessori preschool encourages learning and development. This is an opportunity to build lifelong characteristics and tools such as leadership, self-regulation, curiosity and confidence. Given that it suffices to say the philosophies behind the two are drastically different. The Montessori method is based on Dr. Maria Montessori's research which emphasizes:

  • Structuring the environment for play, not time
  • Providing materials and presentations appropriate to a child’s sensitive periods
  • Active and hands-on learning activities
  • Individualized learning based on each child's timeline 
  • Fostering of independent character development
  • Experienced, positive and observant teachers who support individual learning 

Structured Play As Part of the Montessori Method

Rather than a focus on time, routine, or collective activities, the Montessori method allows children to set their own timelines and to do an activity however long they want. IF they are "working at an activity" or they want to move on, a Montessori preschool gives them the room to self-regulate, explore and learn. Traditional Preschools are disciplined and regimented, and may have free play but on a timeline. Another way to think about this is the shift from teacher-led activities to individual-led activities.  This allows children to be allowed to set their own rhythm and block out their own time while engaged with activities instead of following a time structure.

Montessori Preschools Give Children Space To Grow On Their Own Terms

An important thing to consider when choosing between traditional daycare, preschool or the Montessori method is your child's personality. While a gregarious and confident child may do well to advocate for themselves, socialize and play, a shy child may benefit from the space and room allotted in the Montessori method. It is Great for shy children to come out on their own and engage on their own time. This can help to nurture skills and confidence in a way that supports your child's learning instead of overwhelming them or feeling left out. The Montessori preschool takes a broader approach to nurturing young children into well-rounded individuals. There is the added benefits of peer learning and the benefits of mixed age groups where children can find mentors and take altruistic roles if they feel empowered to do so. 

How to Choose Which Option is Best for Your Child- Montessori or Traditional Day Care and Preschool

Whether you're contemplating whether preschool is right for your child as a concept, or you're simply deciding between philosophies, it is important to consider not just the factors mentioned above. Don't simply choose by method- choose by the environment, relationships and dynamics. Make sure if you are taking a Montessori daycare into consideration it is not for philosophy alone and considers the factors mentioned above as well as the size of classes, ratio to teachers, reviews, the classroom settings and condition, and of course, the reputation and qualifications of the staff and school. Finally, consider your child's personality and tendencies when making this important decision.

Visit our Montessori Preschool To See The Montessori Method Firsthand

Our highly educated, positive, and supporting Montessori educators are experienced and committed to providing you and your child with a superb private Montessori preschool experience. At our NW Calgary Preschool fosters character, social, and skill development such as emotional intelligence, and critical thinking abilities that will help them navigate emotions, learning, and social interactions throughout their life and especially as they enter into elementary school and all the new challenges and learning that will come with it.

Learn more about our NW Calgary private Montessori school, take a virtual tour or contact our team by calling 587-707-4739 or fill in our online contact form below.


Is there evidence to support the difference in the Montessori method?

Yes. Studies support the finding that Montessori students are more likely to succeed in their education, careers and find happiness in their live 

Can I visit Grey Matter Montessori?

Yes. A tour is a great way to see the relationships between students, teachers and get a sense of their learning environment. We offer both in-person and virtual tours! Contact us today to book your in-person tour or check out our virtual tour online!

Is the Montessori method right for gifted children?

Yes. Studies have shown Montessori schools are excellent environments for advanced students as the curriculum is created and tailored to the individual student's needs rather than the group, meaning that each student can excel and is not held back or understimulated. 


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Another shout out to an amazing school here in #Calgary! Our youngest son goes to this school and he loves it! In just 5 short months his knowledge has grown, his confidence is starting to bloom and he just loves learning! The personal touch the wonderful teachers provide is certainly priceless!  What I love is that when you walk in there, there is always calming music playing softly, and everyone is smiling and friendly 

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