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7 Tips to Keep Your Child Active During COVID-19

With schools and daycares in Calgary closed due to COVID-19, many kids are suddenly at home and looking for something to do. Here are some of the best tips from our Calgary Montessori school to help your kids - and you - navigate this uncertain time.

As we get stuck in these uncertain times, many parents are tasked with keeping their children busy and occupied while school is out indefinitely. Keeping your kids active and alert while they are at home is important for their:

  • Physical well-being
  • Mental health
  • Habit and skill development
  • Self-esteem and confidence

Our Calgary Montessori School Understands The Importance of Keeping Your Children Busy During This Difficult Time

At Grey Matter Montessori Preschool, we understand the importance of keeping your kids busy and active through this uncertain time. We encourage all of our parents and students to stay involved, keep active, and find ways to create positive learning experiences during this difficult situation.

Need some advice on how to keep your kids occupied?


How to Keep Your Kids Busy During COVID-19: 7 Best Tips From Our NW Calgary Montessori Preschool

With preschools and daycares in Calgary closed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, it can be concerning for many parents. But don’t worry! Here are some helpful tips from our Calgary Montessori preschool on how to keep your littles ones busy and active during this trying time.

  1. Create a daily schedule: Creating a new routine for your time at home will help your child know what to expect. This includes wake up/sleep times, meal times, screen times, and activity time. This will give your child a sense of ease, because they will know what to expect from their day.
  1. Keep rules for behaviour: During this unprecedented time, it can be easy to let rules and boundaries slide, but children feel secure when they know what behaviour is expected. During your time at home, keep clear rules and consistent consequences, as this will help keep your child on track until schools open again.
  1. Involve your child in self-expression activities. Young children are still learning to communicate, which can make expressing their fears about this sudden change in their lives challenging. Use creative methods such as art or music to give your little one healthy ways to express their thoughts and feelings.
  1. Stay active: Take time every day to exercise. This will help not only your children, but everyone in the family feel strong and healthy. It will also help your child burn off some energy! Why not try some family-geared yoga videos or an indoor obstacle course. There are plenty of online resources available for family friendly exercises.
  1. Try something new: Why not make the most of your time together and learn something new as a family? Try out some new card games, create a family art project, or learn a fun dance routine together.
  1. Create a treasure hunt: Take some time to make a treasure hunt with clues to find some gifts you have hidden indoors or outdoors in your garden. These don’t have to be expensive or big - any small treat when found will be exciting!
  1. Have a relaxing day. With all this uncertainty, children will need some downtime. Make sure to plan some time when you can just unwind, watch a movie or read some books and take it easy as a family.

We Are Committed to Supporting Your Child’s Education Through These Trying Times

At Grey Matter Montessori, we know it’s not an easy time for Calgarian families but remember, staying at home and other social distancing recommendations are the best way now to protect our family, friends, and neighbours who may be vulnerable.

If you require any advice on how to keep your child active or busy during COVID-19, contact us at 587-707-4739 or fill out our online contact form.

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