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7 Tips to Care For Your Child’s Mental Health During COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are wondering how this period of uncertainty and isolation will affect their children. To help your family cope, here are some top tips from our Calgary montessori preschool on how to care for your little one’s mental health during this time of social distancing.

Your child’s mental health is every bit as essential as their physical health, and together, they have a tremendous impact on your child’s development and success at home, in school, and in society overall.

A happy and mentally strong child will be able to develop:

  • Strong and healthy relationships
  • Self-confidence
  • A healthy emotional outlook on life
  • Resilience to cope with life’s challenges

At Grey Matter Montessori School, We Help Support Your Child’s Mental Health

At our Calgary Montessori preschool, we understand the importance of children’s mental health, especially during this time of social distancing. We encourage all of our parents and students to stay active, eat a healthy diet, and find ways to create a positive experience out of this difficult time.

Have some questions about your child’s physical, mental, and educational development during this time?


How to Care For Your Child’s Mental Health During COVID-19

Disease outbreaks can be highly stressful, especially for young children. The anxiety of a disease such as COVID-19 can be overwhelming and is likely to cause strong emotions in your little one. The good news? Young children learn a lot from their parents and when you deal with the situation more calmly, this can be reassuring for your little one.

Here are some simple ways to protect your child’s mental health during COVID-19:

1. Talk to your child about the situation. Take some time to talk to your child about this situation. Give them the chance to express their feelings and remain calm and reassuring while answering their concerns. Ensure that they know they can come to you whenever they have fear or doubt about this situation.

2. Watch out for behavioural changes. Make sure to watch out for any changes in behaviour in your child including excessive crying, irritability, difficulty paying attention, or changes in sleeping habits. The sooner you catch them, the sooner you can take steps to helping your child feel safer and happier.

3. Spend time doing a positive activity. By spending time doing a fun and positive activity with your child, such as playing, reading, or painting, you can help reassure them and reduce their anxiety. This is also a great way to provide a space for them to talk about their concerns without having a ‘big chat.’

4. Give your child time to reflect. Help your child reflect on their feelings and encourage them to think about the things they can do to make them feel safer and less worried. Reassure them that this will pass and that you will get through it together.

5. Encourage virtual interactions. No matter our age, we all do better when we connect with others. Find ways for your child to connect with family members and friends via Skype or FaceTime. Having a virtual playdate or playing a multiplayer video game together will give them the connections they need to stay happy and anxiety-free.

6. Have regular check-ins. This outbreak may last a long time, so one conversation is not likely to be enough. As the outbreak continues and your child receives new information, they may need to talk again. Let them know they can come to you whenever they have questions or worries. It’s also a good idea to have regular check-ins, as your child may not approach you with their fears and concerns.

7. Don’t blame others. During stressful times, and times when we feel helpless, there is a tendency to blame others or become more fearful, even when there is no evidence to support these reactions. This can create social stigma and be harmful towards certain groups of people - in the case of COVID-19, this means people of Asian descent or those who have recently travelled. The last thing you want your child to do when frightening events happen is to cast blame on others - either intentionally or without meaning to.

We Are Here To Help Support Your Child’s Education, Happiness, and Development Through These Trying Times

At Grey Matter Montessori Preschool, we know this is not an easy time for Calgary families, but remember that staying at home and sticking to social distancing recommendations is the best way to protect your family and community.

If you need any advice on how to bolster your child’s development during this time, contact us at 587-707-4739 or fill out our online contact form.


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