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12 Days Of Montessori Christmas: Montessori Inspired Activities For Your Preschooler

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12 Days Of Montessori Christmas: Montessori Inspired Activities For Your Preschooler

Christmas is fast approaching and that means time at home during the cold Calgary winters. If you’re familiar with the Montessori method, you’ll appreciate these Montessori inspired activities that get your child engaging their senses, incorporating movement, and practicing motor skills. If you are looking for some fun and delightful indoor activities for your preschooler, try these educational and festive games that will keep your little one occupied while encouraging learning. Adding festive elements keeps it in season and lets you and your child get into the Christmas spirit! Here are 12 different activities for your preschooler over the Christmas season.

Montessori Inspired Christmas Activities

  1. Christmas Sensory Bin. Put some red and green coloured dried pasta in a bin with some bells, fake candy canes, and other non-breakable ornaments and let your little one play around in it. This activity is best suited for children who don’t have a tendency to put things in their mouths.
  2. Christmas Sparkly Playdough. Playdough is fun year round, but throwing some glitter or beads into it can make it extra interesting. There are lots of homemade playdough recipes available online.
  3. Felt Christmas Tree. The nice thing about felt is that it sticks to itself without any adhesive, so felt ornaments will stay in place when your child puts them on green felt that has been cut into the shape of a tree.
  4. Christmas Alphabet Puzzle. You can find printouts for this puzzle online by looking up “Christmas popsicle puzzle”. Once you’ve printed out the template, cut out the individual pieces and glue them to popsicle sticks. Each piece should have a part of the final image on it as well as a letter of the alphabet at the bottom so your child can figure out the puzzle using the image, the alphabet, or both.
  5. Fill The Christmas Tree. Tape the shape of a Christmas tree into the ground (with tape that won’t damage your floors!) and then get your child to fill in the image with blocks or other small toys.
  6. Fizzy Candy Canes. Spread baking soda onto a baking tray and then lay candy canes down on it. Add some red and green food colouring to some vinegar and fill droppers with it. Now get your kids to drop the vinegar onto the tray and watch the magic happen! Not only is there a chemical reaction with the baking soda and vinegar, but the candy canes will start to dissolve.
  7. Jingle Bell Bracelet. Pipe Cleaners and jingle bells are all you need for this festive instrument. And as a bonus, since your child is wearing it, it’s a great way to get them active and do some dancing to create some good jingling.
  8. DUPLO® Christmas Pictures. There are printable Christmas DUPLO® templates that your child can follow along to make the picture.
  9. Alphabet Christmas Tree. Print out or draw a tree and draw letters on it. Get some stickers (roughly ornament shaped, like circles)  and draw letters on those as well. Then get your child to match the letters on the stickers with the letters on the tree.
  10. Christmas Cutting Box. A cutting box has safety scissors and a variety of objects to cut, such as beaded strings, wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and more.
  11. Christmas Book Countdown. You can do this with borrowed books or with ones you own. Wrap the books in wrapping paper or reusable gift bags and then get your kid to open one each day and read it together. It’s fun for your child to open up the “gifts” and it makes them excited for reading time.
  12. Torn Paper Art. Tape some sticky side contact paper to the wall and have your child take pieces of torn paper (or have them tear the paper themselves) to create the image of a christmas tree. You could even do this with some leftover wrapping paper and give it a second use!

Calgary’s Top Montessori Preschool Programs at Grey Matter Montessori 

Incorporating the Montessori method into everyday activities, both during preschool education and at home, can enhance your child's learning. If you believe in the value of wholly immersive learning for preschool education, call us at Grey Matter Montessori in Calgary NW at 1-587-707-4739 or fill out the contact form to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. Through a variety of activities, our nurturing educators will guide your preschooler through an individualized program and you can watch your child grow into a lifelong learner and productive community member.


Q: What will my child learn from these games?
A: Sensorial play is a form of learning and very important as your child begins to understand the world around them. These games also help to develop their motor skills and foster inquisitiveness.

Q: How old does my child need to be to enroll in a preschool program?
A: The recommended age to start preschool is 3 years old. Some programs accept children as young as 2 years old. It will depend on whether your child seems ready to enter a more structured learning environment. All children develop at different paces; some may be ready at earlier ages than others to begin their preschool program.

Q: Is Montessori School Right For My Child?
A: A common saying is ‘Montessori is right for every child, but not every family is right for Montessori’. Montessori education is a flexible, adaptable style of teaching and learning that is beneficial for all children. The caveat is that there are certain foundations and principles that guide a Montessori approach to learning that must be incorporated into other aspects of the child’s life by their caregivers. Principles such as:

  • Child-lead independent learning
  • Calm over chaos
  • Cleanliness and tidiness
  • Experiential learning
  • Promoting individuality
  • The freedom to explore

We believe that a Montessori Preschool Program is one of the best ways to raise your child into a  socially and academically well-rounded individual.

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