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3 Challenges Families Face During COVID-19 and How to Overcome Them

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As families grapple with an ever-changing normal, including virtual daycare and working from home, stress and anxiety can escalate. Here are three common challenges families might face during COVID-19 and how to overcome them.

Parents play a key role in shaping the character of their children as they grow up, and the COVID-19 period presents a unique opportunity for you to be engaged in your child’s life like never before. 

While we are all adapting to a new routine, it’s very important that your child feels supported in their learning, as this is also a new normal for them. Providing your child with the support they require during this period will promote their: 

Fall Registration for Our Calgary Montessori Preschool Is Open 

At our Calgary Montessori preschool, we want to thank our parents for their support and hard work during this challenging and unprecedented time. We are happy to announce that fall registration for our preschool is now open and packages can be sent out via email. 

Want to know more? 


3 Challenges Families Face During COVID-19 and How to Overcome Them

Whether it’s working from home or setting your child up for virtual Montessori classes, families are having to grapple with an ever-changing normal, and this can escalate levels of stress and anxiety. Here are three common challenges families might be facing during COVID-19 and how to overcome them: 

Challenge 1: Struggling With Schedules 

With everyone now at home, it’s likely that your typical schedules have fallen by the wayside. This can feel unnerving and increase your levels of anxiety. 

What You Should Do

Whether your child is attending virtual preschool or not, structure and consistency is important and can be very comforting. Aim to: 

  • Keep your child’s mind and body active
  • Encourage a mix of school-related activities and fun throughout the day
  • Encourage your child to eat well
  • Have regular sleeping and waking times and exercise daily

Remember, healthy habits help children and teens feel safe, especially during times of stress. The greater sense of normalcy you can bring into your lives, the better. 


Challenge 2: Constant Togetherness 

While COVID-19 has presented a unique and wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your family, you are together at home all day, and you will require some time by yourself to recharge. 

What You Should Do 

Families benefit from time together and time apart. There are many ways to connect, such as making meals together, playing games, or watching movies. However, it’s also important to create space for each family member to recharge. 

How to do this: Plan some solo time when everyone can go to their own room for quiet space for at least 30 minutes a day, for an appropriate activity, such as talking to a friend, playing video games, or journaling. 


Challenge 3: Different Challenges for Different Personalities 

Staying at home all day can pose different challenges for each family member, depending on their personality. For example, extroverts can feel lonely while staying at home all day, while it can reinforce anxiety for introverted or anxious children. 

What You Should Do 

Depending on the personality of your child, there are certain things you can do to ease the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Introverted children: Encourage them to balance their time so they don’t go for too long without connecting with family or peers. Strive for a mix of screen time, social connection, school work, and physical activity. 

Extroverted children: Help extroverted children find creative ways to use technology to stay in touch with family or friends. This could include hosting a Zoom dance party, checking up on their grandparents, or even virtually reading to younger cousins or peers. 

Get in Touch for Fall Enrolment Applications 

At our NW Calgary Montessori preschool, we are now accepting applications for fall enrolment! For more information on how to register, please contact us at 587-707-4739 or fill out our online contact form. 

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